Washover Mandrels (CM-3)

Washover Mandrels


Mana Completion Systems’ series CM-3 Washover Mandrels feature an exterior ported lug which accepts 5/8 inch and 1 inch IPO valves. The Mana Completion Systems CM-3 series Washover Mandrel is installed as part of the tubing string and is designed for single-string applications. The Mana Completion Systems CM-3 mandrel is ideal for slimhole operations and features a smooth inside diameter (I.D.) to ensure safe passage of wireline-tools. All Mana Completion Systems series CM-3 mandrels are drifted and hydrostatically tested per Mana Completion Systems internal quality procedures to ensure they meet all industry standards and are of the highest quality.

Washover Mandrel Drawing

Selection Guide

CM-3 – Mana Completion Systems series Washover Mandrel
5/8″ – for 5/8 inch outside diameter flow control device
1.0″ – for 1 inch outside diameter flow control device

Technical Data

Washover Specification Sheet (CM-3)

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