Internally Mounted Mandrels (IM-1.0)

IM Mandrel


Mana Completion Systems’ series IM-1.0 Internally Mounted Mandrels, also referred to as Concentric Mandrels, are manufactured to accept 1 inch outside diameter (O.D.) gas lift and orifice valves. The IPO gas lift valves are mounted internally in the mandrel body, which does not allow an internal full-bore drift. The IM series mandrel has the same outside diameter dimensions as the tubing and is ideal in wells with limited clearance between the tubing and casing.

Mana Completion Systems’ Internally Mounted Mandrels, IM-1.0, are available in 1 ¼ inch through 3 ½ inch tubing sizes. Mana Completion Systems’ IM-1.0 series mandrels are coated with “EP-2” red, epoxy phenolic coating and are welded and pressure tested per internal quality procedures to ensure they meet all industry standards and are of the highest quality.
IM Mandrel Color Drawing

Selection Guide

IM – Internally Mounted
1.0 – For 1 inch outside diameter flow control device

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Internally Mounted Mandrels (IM-1.0)

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